Gulthias tree 5e stats

Twig blights were small blightsbloodthirsty plant creatures spawned by Gulthias trees. Twig blights were the smallest type of blights, resembling humanoid, leafless shrubs, complete with limbs and a head. They could root themselves in soil, becoming indistinguishable from regular, dead shrubs.

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Groups of rooted twig blights could resemble piles of firewood or debris. Twig blights were very dry, causing them to be especially susceptible to fire. They could see up to 60 feet Although twig blights were independent creatures, most of them were directly controlled by a Gulthias tree. Twig blights could subsist by drawing nutrients from the ground through their roots, but vastly preferred to feast on blood.

When unable to find living prey, twig blights often sought out watering holes and campsites, taking root and disguising themselves as shrubs to ambush potential victims.

Gulthias Tree from The Sunless Citadel - D&D Tutorial (Black Magic Craft Episode 078)

Twig blights generally fought by raking opponents with treelike claws. As with other blights, twig blights were created by Gulthias trees, a type of malevolent tree created when a plant became contaminated by an evil mind. As the roots of a Gulthias tree spread, it infested surrounding plants and trees, either killing them or turning them into blights. These blights further spread the influence of the Gulthias tree, removing competing flora and replacing it with brambles, toxic plants, and other blights.

Blight infestations could spread very rapidly, taking over large swaths of forest, and swallowing up roads, buildings, or entire villages in the space of days. Unlike many normal plants, twig blights reproduced through their root systems rather than through producing fruit. According to legend, the very first blights were spawned from the stake that pierced the heart of the dread vampire Gulthias of Nightfang Spire.

The stake grew to become the first Gulthias tree sapling, watched over and cared for by a mad druid. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Monster Manual 5th edition. Wizards of the Coastp. Monster Manual II 3rd edition. TSR, Incp.At the south end of the hilltop is a sickly copse, a grove of dead trees and shrubs with a huge, misshapen tree at its core. Blood oozes like sap from its twisted trunk.

Embedded in the tree is a shiny battleaxe, beneath which lies a humanoid skeleton. The Gulthias tree creates blights from ordinary plants and is the only tree of its kind in Barovia.

Its handle is carved with leaves and vines, and the weapon weighs half as much as a normal battleaxe. When the axe hits a plant, whether an ordinary plant or a plant creature, the target takes an extra 1d8 slashing damage.

gulthias tree 5e stats

When a creature of non-good alignment wields the axe, it sprouts thorns whenever its wielder makes an attack with it. These thorns prick the wielder for 1 piercing damage after the attack is made, and this damage is considered magical. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions.

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You should check them out. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Curse of Strahd. Gulthias Tree. Last Update: March 01, I'm ready to Ascend!

See All Pages.And, of course, some awakened plants are evil and want to kill you.

gulthias tree 5e stats

They attack strictly out of spite. Twig blightsfound in forests and abandoned settlements in forested areas, are small and scrappy, with poor Strength but good Dexterity and Constitution. They also have proficiency in Stealth and the False Appearance feature, so ambushes are a likely tactic insert Birnam Wood joke here.

They have foot blindsight and are vulnerable to fire. If their numbers are sufficient to surround an enemy, however, they will. Needle blightsfound in evergreen forests, are human-size amalgamations of plant matter and needle-shaped leaves, which they can hurl like porcupine quills at opponents. The more suffused with evil influence an area is, however, the greater their numbers. When a party of PCs comes within 30 feet of them, they attack with their needles; if one closes to within melee range, they attack with their claws.

Vine blightsfound in forests and jungles, are vaguely humanoid-shaped masses of braided vines that can lash out and grab other creatures.

gulthias tree 5e stats

They have some measure of Stealth—not a lot, but enough, when combined with their False Appearance, to blend into their surroundings in dim light—but are not dexterous, so while they do ambush victims, they wait until those victims get very close, then use Entangling Plants to restrain them.

Finally, they engage restrained opponents in melee, grappling and squeezing them until they drop. They make opportunity attacks against retreating opponents and pursue to the best of their ability, although their movement speed is a less-than-impressive 10 feet. If they can catch a retreating opponent within the foot radius of Entangling Plants, they do.

The online consensus appears to be that a Gulthias tree should be treated as an evil-aligned awakened tree. Awakened trees are huge brutes with a foot reach; all they really do is smack opponents repeatedly with their branches and run away from fire. Something like this:. Damage Vulnerabilities fire Damage Resistances bludgeoning, necrotic, piercing Senses blindsight ft blind beyond this radiuspassive Perception 10 Languages Common Challenge 4 1, XP.

Creeping Fog. Within ft of the Gulthias tree, the forest is suffused with a thick miasma that blocks sunlight. The entire area is dimly lit and lightly obscured. A strong wind at least 20 miles per hour disperses it. False Appearance.

While the Gulthias tree remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal tree. The Gulthias tree makes two attacks, only one of which may be an impale attack. Instead of dealing damage, the Gulthias tree can grapple the target escape DC The reduction lasts until the target finishes a long rest. The target dies if this effect reduces its hit point maximum to 0.In an age long past, someone staked a vampire to the earth within the Twilight Grove. The wooden stake was yet green and took root.

This stake grew into the Gulthias Tree, reverberating with dark primal power to those who could tap it. The tree would produce a single perfect ruby -red apple ripens at the summer solstice, and a single albino apple ripens on the winter solstice.

The midsummer fruit granted vigor, health, and life while the midwinter fruit stole the same. The fruit for many years enjoyed wide dispersal in the area.

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It was later discovered that the seeds when planted matured into a twig creature called a twig blight. Although no more fruit have been dispersed, a number of twig blights have gotten loose before it was discovered that the seeds were responsible.

The tree had the ability over time to accept a sentient creature that was bound to it into the tree itself and then expel the creature soon after as a supplicant under the control of the tree. The tree itself had no real way to defend itself and so these supplicants were its only defense.

Behind the effort to spread the influence and mayhem of the Gulthias tree was Belak the Outcast who had stumbled upon the tree and the grove twelve years before. He also managed to create the first couple supplicants from adventurers who had wandered too close.

When the Gulthias Tree was destroyed, Belak was killed as well as he attempted to defend it. Associations Belak the Outcast. JavaScript is currently disabled. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript.

You should check them out. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Tales of Tolgard. Gulthias Tree. About In an age long past, someone staked a vampire to the earth within the Twilight Grove. Last Update: July 20, See All Pages.

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Twig blight

Traits False Appearance : While the tree remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal tree. Show Attribute List.October 7notes. Though a druid I may not be, the presence of a gulthias tree fills my heart with rage at the destruction it wrought, and those who were foolish enough to allow that bloodied stake to take root. I plead to all of you out there who read this, to all of you vampire slayers out there, for the love of the gods burn those accursed stakes that felled those undead monstrosities.

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I believe that the gulthias tree should have a presence of its own, and present a threat beyond just the blights it creates. Born from the bloodied stake of a fallen vampire, it has a will—and the ability to move—of its own, and seeks to inflict the suffering it felt in its final moments on all those around it.

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Solar Theme.The quest launched an adventure path spanning eight parts, culminating in the Bastion of Broken Souls where Ashardalon makes his final stand in the Positive Plane. The tale of Ashardalon spans over years BBS Long ago Ashardalon wreaked havoc across the land while nefarious cultists worshiped him as a god. The Cult of Ashardalon erected their central temple in Nightfang Spire, a massive stone edifice stretching 1, feet into the air like the tooth of a long forgotten aberration HNS3.

Half-dragon monstrosities called the Children of Ashardalon enjoyed substantial power in the Spire due to their supposed descent from the great dragon. Centuries later a Tiefling sorcerer named Dyson used the spells inscribed on the stonehenge to transform animals into faux-human servants to help him prepare a demonic invasion SS2. The years went by without a word from Ashardalon. Gulthias had no idea his dragon-god was feasting on unborn souls in the Positive Plane.

Naturally, Gulthias worried he would die of old age before Ashardalon rose again. He got the bright idea of turning himself and his followers into undead creatures by committing mass suicide.

gulthias tree 5e stats

Good times. The cultists went a bit insane after Ashardalon vanished.

Gulthias Staff

Gulthias was privileged with a certain link to the zombified heart; he could raise cultists to unlife and hold sway over them. Forsaking life himself, he invested a portion of his newfound undead power into the organ. A long forgotten cataclysm had rent ground beneath the citadel, hurling it into the chasm and killing the cultists in the process.

The citadel now lies at the bottom of the ravine in perennial shade hence the name. Sure enough, goblins and kobolds came to roost in the citadel and vie for dominance SS The whereabouts of the Sunless Citadel has a few possibilities.

References to the god Pelor suggest that the edition placed the citadel in Greyhawk. In the 5e reprint, several places are offered to the DM. The Yawning Portal adds that when Mount Hotenow destroyed half of Neverwinter it opened the rift underneath the citadel. Why did Gulthias travel to the Sunless Citadel?

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