Mercmonitor garmin

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Mercury MercMonitor and NMEA 2000 upgrade

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There is plenty of information there if you want to page through digital screens in the little windows, but even when I had it set up to my taste, it was a struggle for old eyes to view them at a glance while still paying attention to the attitude of the boat at speed.

Gauges & Displays

I longed for a proper analog trim, fuel, and water pressure gauge like the 3 in 1 on many boats. With proper linkage to the Smartcraft, it can also display all of the engine data available through a NMEA interface.

There are various versions available and I chose to go with the Premier kit that adds "Smart Tow Pro", a GPS speed managed "cruise control" for pulling skiers and wakeboarders. It is similar to the Perfect Pass control we had on tournament ski boats, but also adds programmable pull profiles for each individual. Just nail the throttle and it applies the selected acceleration curve the same every time, thanks to DTS drive by wire.

There is an "ECO" mode to auto-optimize fuel burn while cruising, as well as a "Troll control" cruise mode for fishing. It goes on and on. The install process involved replacing the SC speedo gauge with the MercMonitor, plugging in the supplied harness, and patching with supplied cables to a NMEA backbone.

Next you power up the dash, and the MM asks you to "autoconfigure", press "Mode", and it figures out what is connected and their capabilities. This whole installation and configuration process literally took 30 minutes start to finish, with a screwdriver and no crimping or wiring needed.

Plug and play. Here is the before picture of the SC pair in the dash Here is the first power up This is one of the myriad of configurable screens. There are single screens, double, triple, triple with an analog outer ring such as RPM or speed, etc. The choices are endless but there is also a configurable favorites menu to get there quickly.The SmartCraft gauges deliver the cool-factor when underway, providing engine-specific info most data-geeks like to monitor, though usually in a tough-to-read smaller format.

The break between chartplotter-data and engine-data was often confusing. The is capable of plotting courses and telling you how much fuel your trip will consume, but it needs fuel-flow data to make those calculations.

mercmonitor garmin

The SmartCraft has all the important engine-operating parameters but no great way of displaying that data without constantly pushing buttons. The SmartCraft engine monitoring-system even owns the sonar-data, something you expect to see on the chartplotter. With the price of gasoline becoming the actual impetus to get fuel-flow data into the Garmin, the decision was made before the beginning of the season to get that data into the at all cost.

Cost, it did. Also, I was looking for a backup-check to verify the fuel-flow data I already had from the SmartCraft. So, before the start of this season, I went through the effort to install a pair of Garmin GFS fuel-flow sensors. Knowing what it took to install two GFS sensors along with the network backbone, versus what I know now after completely installing a Mercury SmartCraft ECO MercMonitor at the helm, I never should have attempted installing fuel-flow sensors.

Installation: The SmartTow Pro version of the MercMonitor was chosen for purchase solely for the reason of availability. More money down the drain. Physically installing the M SmartTow Pro MercMonitor in-place of the existing speedometer was simple.

No tools needed. The gauge came with all new harnesses required and simply replaced the existing harness to the SmartCraft hub.

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Daytime reading of the MercMonitor is relatively-clear, provided a single or dual-display is chosen…. Unlike the original that could flip back-and-forth between engines, this monitor is dedicated to only display data from the engine selected on the first question. More on this a little later too…. No matter what options are turned-on or off, this monitor does not display my 1-function: RPM SYNC, no matter what the literature might say. Or Mercury, for that matter. Every other available screen in the manual seems available.

It just seems intent to lock me out of my favorite display. From the MercMonitor manual page :. An image from pg of the MercMon 6. Another thing the MercMonitor lacks is a really bright, easily-readable display. Sure, it has contrast and brightness controls that help the situation, and you can change the colors, but it is no-where-near as readable as the existing SmartCraft gauges.

And, for someone who almost-always wears polarized sunglasses, the LCD displays some amount of opposite-polarization, making matters worse. Everything Else: That said, everything else about the MercMonitor is pretty cool. Everything and more seems to be present, providing a bunch of data to the Garmin as shown below:. The SmartCraft fuel-flow data is also present, which creates some problems with the existing GFS fuel-flow sensors on the NMEA interface, since the network now reports double the fuel-flow.

Removal of the two GFS sensors is planned. The MercMonitor also boasts the ability to recommend and control operating points to those with trim and steering sensors and those with modern digital throttles. The best features of the MercMonitor is the simple plug-and-play setup at the helm, where a NMEA network is likely to already reside.

Custom-configurable screens with one, two, or three display parameters at a time, the ability to automatically-scroll through programmed favorite-screens, multiple optional color screens and bezels, plus the capability of transmitting all the engine data to a larger-format NMEA display makes this little gizmo one of the coolest toys aboard the Rose. Note the monitor is unreadable while the other gauges can be read easily underway. Future Plans: Nothing against this monitor and while your experiences can certainly be different from mine, the display-screen of the new MercMonitor is bad-enough for me to consider hiding it behind the dash, using only its NMEA gateway features to provide digital engine data to the Garmin GPSMAP on-board the Christina Rose, with the likely installation of a smaller Garmin GMI10 in-place of where the MercMonitor now sits, after the complete re-design her dashboard to accommodate the newer display.

Since some of our most-favorite and most-memorable cruises happen at night, the Captain needs all information in clear view at all times. For reference, following are some of the documents reviewed during selection, installation, and operation of the MercMonitor SmartCraft Gateway:.Mercury Smart Tow can set the cruise speed as low as 8 mph, letting you create the perfect conditions for wake surfing.

The outstanding warranty coverage on Mercury engines also extends to the controls and rigging components on your boat. If your builder or dealer uses genuine Mercury gauges and controls when installing the new engine on your boat, the warranty coverage for those rigging components now matches the total warranty of your engine. A fully customizable LCD screen. Program the data to match your needs and boating preferences. Select a color to match your boat - or your mood.

Arrange in groups of three with as many as five configurations. You can order all available Mercury literature online or through any authorized Mercury dealer. Please have your outboard or sterndrive serial number before placing the order.

mercmonitor garmin

Purchase a Manual. This website uses cookies to enhance and improve your browsing experience. By closing this message, I acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, and agree that my information may be transferred to the U. Sign Up. More flexibility. More value. Find a dealer. You're fully covered. All key engine functions. Multi-color LCD screen provides you with critical data on dozens of engine and boat functions. Temperature, depth, alarms, rpm, speed, water pressure, fuel flow, and much more.

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If you want to join the contributor board, see the message down below in the free discussion area which explains the benefits of that section. Please login or register. Member Offline Location: Denmark Posts: 5. Quicksilver WA - single Verado 4 cyl. Could that be my problem?

Best regards - Jacob from Denmark.

SmartCraft MercMonitor: a critical review

We have seen this before. It is the only answer. Please search First, no problem is really new, also motor year and hours when posting. Thanks again - Jacob Bang. Member Offline Location: Australia Posts: 5.

Or, is this not the answer to my problem? Quote from: Glen on June 20,pm. Quote from: Glen on June 21,am.Marine engine technology has evolved. Mercury Marine continues to expand its outboard and marine engine technology. The outstanding warranty coverage on Mercury engines also extends to the controls and rigging components on your boat. If your builder or dealer uses genuine Mercury gauges and controls when installing the new engine on your boat, the warranty coverage for those rigging components now matches the total warranty of your engine.

Mercury's patented Joystick Piloting System delivers degree directional control. The Skyhook Digital Anchoring System holds your boat in a fixed position regardless of wind or current.

Active Trim is the only auto-trimming program that uses GPS and speed. Gauges, sensors, vessel systems, computer-controlled features — one total package, one high level of control. Make your boating experience easier, safer, and a lot more enjoyable. The premier engine information display. The affordable, reliable, high-value digital vessel monitoring system. The epitome of smooth, precise shifting and lightning-fast throttle response.

No cables. No hesitation. A broad range of styles, colors and shapes, as well as analog and digital versions. Classic simplicity. Displays that typically have a pointer and scale to indicate a specific measurement such as speed, rpm, trim, or fuel level.

Connected by wires that carry signals from the engine. The idea? Total integration of all critical data and information.

Speed, fuel, depth, rpms - everything. All accurately and clearly displayed - including advanced, multi-function, touch-screen LCD displays. Getting past a Mercury engineer is no easy task.Simply select the relevant Offer Code, from then on you can access good boots and bonus spins aplenty.

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mercmonitor garmin

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