Motorized xy stage

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The Motorized scanning stages 8MTF are designed for applications where high accuracy and repeatability is required. Microscopy is the most common application for such devices. All scanning stages require a motion controller to operate.

motorized xy stage

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motorized xy stage

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motorized xy stage

Participation History.PI USA. All rights reserved. XYZ-Stages are precision linear mechanisms providing motion in 3 degrees of freedom. They are often used for research and industrial precision automation tasks from optics to medical engineering. PI Provides a large variety of linear motion stages, from single axis stepper motor stages, XY servo stages to complex 6-Axis hexapod parallel kinematic motion systems.

In addition to conventional motorized stages, PI specializes in piezo-driven systems, for ultra-high precision applications. More information on gantry systems and multi-axis automation systems. V Linear Motor Stage Datasheet. Ideal for industrial automation. Watch Video This example shows an automated multi-axis system for touch-panel testing.

M Linear Stage Datasheet. If high speed scanning in the sub-micrometer precision range is required, a piezo XYZ cube add-on is available as well. PDF Datasheet Download. Several customized versions of the M XY piezo motor stage. The U is one of the smallest integrated closed-loop XY translation stage with piezomotor drives currently on the market. Motors Optional 0. They boast an extremely low profile design to allow XY and XYZ combinations and feature a precision-machined base of high-density, stress-relieved aluminum for exceptional stability and minimum weight.

Incremental Motion to 0. Incremental Motion to 50 nm Max. The carriage is spring preloaded against the micrometer tip for excellent repeatability and elimination of backlash.

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The M is equipped with a differential micrometer drive providing resolution of 0. In addition to positioning all six axes with high speed and accuracy, it allows the user to define the center of rotation pivot point anywhere inside or outside the system envelope by one simple software command. This makes it ideal for all complex positioning tasks with restricted space.

Drivers, DLL LibrariesStage Dimensions: mm x mm x 31 mm. A complete stage package consists of the stage itself, a controller, mounting brackets, and optional accessories; all of these items need to be purchased separately typical XY stage setup is shown to the right. The table below outlines the items that should be purchased to form a stage package compatible with a particular microscope.

Alternatively, optional mounting brackets Item MLSA01 enable the MLS stage to be bolted to an optical table or breadboard as part of a custom-built microscope setup or for use in typical photonics applications.

Characterized by high-speed scanning capabilities and high positional accuracy, these stages are ideal for manually or automatically positioning a wide range of specimens and samples in many types of microscopy or imaging techniques and applications.

Very precise manual fine positioning and control at the cellular level is easily achieved through the combination of a stable closed-loop control system and an associated joystick option. See below for a brief overview, or click here to view the full presentation for these Brushless DC Motor Controllers.

Motorized Linear Stage – OFL

Specimen Holders and Accessories We offer a range of adapters to allow the positioning of standard microscope slides, multiwell plates, petri dishes, and mounted metallurgical specimens. Please see the details below. The following images taken from Meta Imaging Series version 7. The Kinesis Software features. NET compatible languages to create custom applications.

Low-level DLL libraries are included for applications not expected to use the. NET framework. A Central Sequence Manager supports integration and synchronization of all Thorlabs motion control hardware. By providing these common software platforms, Thorlabs has ensured that users can easily mix and match any of the Kinesis and APT controllers in a single application, while only having to learn a single set of software tools. In this way, it is perfectly feasible to combine any of the controllers from single-axis to multi-axis systems and control all from a single, PC-based unified software interface.

The software packages allow two methods of usage: graphical user interface GUI utilities for direct interaction with and control of the controllers 'out of the box', and a set of programming interfaces that allow custom-integrated positioning and alignment solutions to be easily programmed in the development language of choice.

A range of video tutorials is available to help explain our APT system software. These tutorials provide an overview of the software and the APT Config utility. Additionally, a tutorial video is available to explain how to select simulator mode within the software, which allows the user to experiment with the software without a controller connected.

Please select the APT Tutorials tab above to view these videos. These videos illustrate some of the basics of using the APT System Software from both a non-programming and a programming point of view.

Motorized Linear Stage – OFL

There are videos that illustrate usage of the supplied APT utilities that allow immediate control of the APT controllers out of the box. Watch the videos now to see what we mean. Characters are Case-Sensitive. These XY scanning stages are drop-in replacements for the manual stages found on select microscopes, and provide motorized XY positioning of microscopy samples. Adapter brackets can be purchased separately that enable the stage to be fitted to a particular microscope. Tabletop mounting brackets Item MLSA01 are also available that enable the stage to be bolted to an optical table or breadboard as part of a custom built microscope setup or for use in typical photonics applications see below for more details.

Mounting brackets are not required. This is useful to system integrators and other automation specialists who need to combine operation of the stage with other microscopy automation accessories. USB 1.Contact our team of experts to solve your application's specific needs. The information you provide will be used in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. This design also places the lower axis motor on the base plate to remain stationary while the upper axis motor moves in only one direction.

The aperture sizes available range from to millimeters with a total unobstructed area of by millimeters. Side-mounted lead screws with anti-backlash friction nuts are driven by frame motors. Request a Quote Contact Us. In need of a motion solution? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Make an Inquiry Contact our team of experts to solve your application's specific needs.

Motorized Stages

These motorized stages address a wide range of precision positioning applications which require mechanical or optical, two-sided access. All Dover products can be configured to your specifications. Learn More. Design Features Clear aperture for two-sided access Large 42 millimeter unobstructed opening. CAD Model.

motorized xy stage

Options Motor options available: stepper or servo motors Feedback options available: rotary encoder, linear encoder with analog or digital 1 um or 0. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.High precision lapping screw, high solution.

Crossed roller guide, high accuracy, and good linearity. Zero position switch and limit switch. Hand wheel for manual drive. We can stack two stages in same series to xy stage with same or different travel range.

You can choose the motorized linear stages that you want to stack, and then write down your request in the remark of the order. We will stack them depending on your requirement.

It is connected with our motion controller via DB9 interface and it can be controlled by our computer software via RS interface on controller. XYZ Assembly:. Motion Controller:. We have V and V power supply options for each motion controller. The USB line can be used to connect the motion controller to laptop.

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Datasheet of Stepper Motor:. SolidWorks Model. STEP :. Payment Methods. Credit Card. We accept credit card payment by PayPal. Please select PayPal payment when you place the order. At the PayPal payment page, please fill in your credit card information. We will receive your payment by PayPal. Both Private credit card and Company credit card can be used by PayPal payment. PayPal Account. If you have a PayPal account, you may pay with your PayPal account without filling your billing address.

Wire Transfer. We can also accept payment by wire transfer. Please contact us to get an official proforma invoice with our bank details. When you use this payment method, you should pay all the banking fees for both sides. Generally, we will ship your order within 5 business days after the order date.

But the shipping date may vary by product and quantity. If you need an exact shipping date, please contact us before ordering online. The default shipping method is FedEx.In addition to standard XY positioners, air-bearing XY stages and high vacuum compatible versions are available. Hexapod and SpaceFAB 6-axis positioners combine flexibility and accuracy in a small package.

If nanometer precision is required, a piezo flexure stage can be mounted on top. A variety of multi-axis sub-systems is available to solve precision motion and automation needs. The coarse positioners provide 50 nanometers resolution, enough to find first light and the piezo fine drives provide 1 nanometer and very fast response for quick scanning. This miniaturized precision hexapod platform is currently PI's smallest standard 6-axis micropositioning system to date smaller custom systems are available.

As all PI hexapod platforms it allows the user to change the center of rotation pivot point anywhere inside or outside the system envelope. This hexapod platform combines compact dimensions with high accuracy and load capacity. A vacuum version is available.

The H is the ideal micropositioning system for all complex positioning tasks which depend upon high load capacity and high accuracy in six independent axes. Several models with brushless and standard motors are available to cover different velocity and load ranges. The H is a high-accuracy, mid-size, hexapod micro-positioning system for all complex positioning tasks which rely on high accuracy and speed in six independent axes. In addition to positioning all axes, it allows the user to define the center of rotation pivot point anywhere inside or outside the system envelope by one simple software command.

This compact Hexapod platform is a highly accurate micro- positioning system for complex multi-axis alignment tasks. It is based on PI"s long experience with ultra-high-resolution, parallel kinematics stages. Micropositioning by PI. All rights reserved. XY-stages and multi-axis postioning stages are designed for precision motion control applications from photonics alignment to medical design and semiconductor related test and manufacturing processes.

Multi-Axis Subsystems overview. Up to kg Load Capacity Actuator Resolution to 0.

Motorized xy stage

Integrated Fiber Alignment Routines This compact Hexapod platform is a highly accurate micro- positioning system for complex multi-axis alignment tasks. Mini Positioners. Piezo Positioners. Precision Actuators. Multi-Axis Positioners. Linear Stages, Vertical Positioners. Rotation Stages. Motion Controllers.The large A solid top is also available. The precision ground screws provide 3.

Two hand knobs are mounted on the motors to provide for manual adjustment. This knob may be replaced with an optical encoder for position verification. The stepper motor may be replaced with a servo motor. Some applications for the AU x two-axes stage include: testing, inspection, assembly and sampling in a broad range of industrial, medical, semiconductor and research facilities. The AU x low profile 3. The 2-phase NEMA 17 stepper motor and precision 4 mm per turn lead screw offer high load capacity up to lbs 50 kg.

The moving platform has access from all four sides and the base plate has easy to access holes for mounting. Related Products. Positioning Stages. Motion Controllers. Motorized Linear Actuators. Motorized XY Stages.

Motorized Linear Stage – OFL

Motorized Linear Lift Stages. Motorized Rotary Stages. Combined Linear-Rotary Stages. Motorized Goniometer Stages.

Manual Positioning Stages. The AU x Motorized XY Stage is a high resolution, low profile, high load capacity, horizontal stage that can be easily integrated into any current or future application.

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