Nissan altima ac compressor problems

That is, unless, you know how to start their cars. These vehicles can suddenly become impossible to start thanks to a faulty electronic steering column lock ESCL.

How to fix the a/c compressor on a 2013 nissan altima.(40 degrees)

It's one of the many reasons this car was named CarTalk's Turd of the Week and given our Beware of this Clunker badge. Two dubious honors. My first Nissan and no complaints until today. The air compressor doesn't work properly.

The mechanic explained to me there are a lot of Nissans with the same issues. Magnetic part of the compressor doesn't work. I can't believe a car with 90, miles needs a new compressor. Took my car to the dealership where I had purchased it new. Recommended I have coolant replaced. This summer it is not working again. This is the 3rd issue I have had-car suddenly and unexpectedly not starting but Nissan replaced the steering lock and ignition switch under an extended warranty.

This happened in January on a winter evening. Thank goodness I was in the city and not out on some country road, stranded. Nissan knew it was a problem but did not issue a recall. Shame on this business! Also the driver's side window does not work properly. Have not had it fixed. This will be my first and only Nissan.

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I will trade it in before the end of the summer, even though it has only kms. Recently I started hearing a rattling noise in my car and noticed I only heard it when I had the ac on. I parked my car and turned the ac on so I can check exactly where it was coming from and my car shut off. I took it to a mechanic so they can see what is going on with the car and they tell me I need a new ac compressor. The extended warranty does not want to cover it because they believe it's just the ac compressor clutch that needs to be replaced.

I've looked this up and saw I'm not the only one with this issue. I purchased a Nissan Altima in The car came with an air compressor. In Maythe air compressor stopped working.Tell us when to meet you at your home or office. Continue with your day while our mechanic fixes your car onsite.

You pay only after the job is done. An AC system has many components: compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, evaporator, and hoses. The AC compressor has several moving parts including pistons and valves. These internal parts can fail, causing the AC compressor to stop working. It is common for the internal parts of the compressor to come apart and disperse metallic debris throughout the system. Consequently, it is a requirement to replace the orifice tube and the receiver dryer when replacing the compressor since some of the debris may have ended up there.

For an AC compressor to work, it needs a clutch, bearing, and an electrical connector. The clutch can burn or the bearing can fail. If the bearing or clutch have failed, it is recommended that the compressor be replaced.

Sometimes replacing the entire compressor with a remanufactured one can be cheaper than replacing an individual clutch or bearings. It is also common for the seals in the AC compressor to go bad. If the seals no longer hold, you will need a new compressor, as the seals cannot be replaced.

A compressor may also fail if there is sludge or debris in the air conditioning system. If there is sludge or debris, the hoses, evaporator, and condenser should be flushed to get rid of the contaminants. When it is not possible to flush the parts, you may need to replace those parts. This service comes with receiver dryer and orifice tube. It is very common for metals from the compressors to go throughout the system and get caught in different components.

If the compressor is replaced without the dryer and the orifice tube, it will ruin the new compressor and it will not be covered by the warranty from parts manufacturers.

The most common reason for an AC compressor to fail is leaky seals and inadequate lubrication. If you notice a change in the temperature of the air through the AC vents not as cold as it should beget it inspected. In addition to your comfort, air conditioning systems add value to your vehicle.

How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Nissan Altima

You should keep your AC fully operational. In some systems, the hot and cold air are blended to achieve the desired temperature setting.Right now the most frustrating is the AC not working.

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Its blows out vent air but it doesn't get cold anymore. We added freon and still nothing.

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The compressor is working so its not that. The mechanics are at a loss as to what it could be. This was my first Nissan and it will for sure be my last! I live in Florida so it's very hot! I leave for work at AM so it never really seemed to be a problem with the AC.

In the afternoon it didn't seem to get cold, but, I only work 8 miles from home. Until recently, when my mom passed in Pennsylvania, I have been making many trips back and forth from Florida to Pennsylvania and that is when I noticed my AC didn't seem to work all the time. A few days ago, it stopped all together and blows only hot air! Stopped at a garage locally and he tested and said it was the compressor.

I told him I had some recalls I had to have completed and I wanted to see with dealer if anything was covered! Called for recall and asked about compressor.

nissan altima ac compressor problems

The person on the phone told me it was because it is so hot in Florida and it runs a lot!! LOL I'm a woman but I'm not that stupid!! For all Nissan Altimas that have been having issues with the AC for ex. The service advisors are there to make money for the company and also take a good commission home. But for those of us who would like to save some money while actually getting to the bottom of the issue, here are some tips. I will start with what happen to my Nissan Altima SL 2.

The car would blow hot air on a hot air all of a sudden. I checked the freon and while i could add more it was not low. Decided to add one more can on my own, they are cheap to buy and the hose is also pretty cheap. Needless to say please buy one that has a gauge to make sure you don't over fill because that can cause a mayor problem too.

Once you have made sure you have the right amount of freon next step to make sure its not your compressor it to run you vehicle with the AC on. Quick tip, you Do Not have to have it at full blast and I will explain why a little later.

If it does get at all fresh at least you must open hood and make sure the AC line is cold. If the line is cold you know the compressor is good.

nissan altima ac compressor problems

If the line did not cool off then the compressor is shot, in which case you will have to replace sorry to tell you. But if your line is cold the compressor is working. Next step is testing the AC in different speeds on the blow motor. My AC seemed to work on all settings except when I put it on the 2 highest levels of blowing, in which all it would blow is hot air and in every other setting the car would blow cold air.

In which case i would the the blend door actuator was really the problem. This part controls the temperature of air the car blows and for some reason it gets stuck in hot when you push the blower to high. This part can go for different prices between depending on where you get it and if its used or new. It can still be a little pricey but beats buying a new compressor and still having the problem. I always recommend trying to fix the problem with the cheapest route instead of spending so much money to still be stuck with the same problem.

I have other issues with this car.Password Forgot Password? Join Us! This is my girlfriends car that's having the problems. It was working great and the next time she got in it 30 min later nothing. Didnt have much time to check it that day. The clutch is not kicking in and it does have voltage to it with the switch on,test light. The coil may be bad.

Not sure how the electrical is set up on it if the power comes through the relay then pressure switch then compressor or if the ecm uses grounds to control part of it. Going to look at it tomorrow again any help would be great,Thanks. Check the connector at the compressor. It should have 2 wires. If you have power and ground there you have a bad compressor clutch. Thanks mpe that's what i was kinna thinking. I'll have a little more time tomorrow to check it at least it wont be in the dark.

I would check the AC relay. Have someone cycle the ac on and off and see if the relay clicks. Make sure the button is lighting up. Dont hesitate to check warranty also given the car is still pretty new. Has anything been damaged in the front? I ask this because it may damage the condensor causing the freon to leak out.

Originally Posted by Soapmyster. I understand that. Will it engage with the engine off? I mentioned what I did because I am used to working in confined spaces where the compressor is difficult to access. Most likely the clutch coil has failed.

On models prior to this was a replaceable item but it looks like Nissan only sells the whole compressor for the Google search Altima clutch coil for more information. My daughter's AC was working fine 1 day and then the next quit.Seven problems related to air conditioner have been reported for the Nissan Altima. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Nissan Altima based on all problems reported for the Altima.

After purchasing this vehicle brand new, first owner in September4 months later the left fog light went out did not think anything of it. Two months later the right head light went out. Thought it was weird but did not stress myself about it. A year later the right rear light only works when you tap it.

Now I am driving all the lights are out from the car. No brake lights no park lights no lights. Took my vehicle to tire kingdom to change bulbs only to find out the new bulbs are not working either and the vehicle has a n electrical problem.

Never did understand why drivers behind me would honk their horns at me or be flashing me with their high beam lights. Nissan needs to fix this issue as well as their air conditioning problem. The vehicle only gets cool when the vehicle is in motion. Air conditioning compressor blows hot air.

Machanic stated that the a.

nissan altima ac compressor problems

C compressor has internal mechanical failure causing high suction side pressure. Also, it is undermiles and shouldn't be having this problem. Consistent with NHTSA itemthe magnet clutch to the air conditioner compressor does not engage causing the air conditioner to blow hot air.

Under certain conditions, this could potentially overexpose tthe operator to dangerous levels of heat which could adversely affect the operator's ability to safely control of the vehicle and therefore lead to crashes as well as injury to the operator such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. When the vehicle is moving, the risk of the operator's overexposure to the heat can be reduced by rolling down the windows. However during rainfall, at slow speeds or while at a standstill, that option is not available.

As an example, while I was driving on the interstate, I reached a section that was shut down. The traffic was backed up and I was trapped on the interstate forcing me to operate my vehicle at a standstill for an extended period of time. When my overexposure to the heat caused me to become faint and disoriented, I abandoned my vehicle on the interstate and made my way to the shoulder of the interstate.

A doctor caughtup in the traffic backup saw me and while attending me stated that I was suffering from heat exhaustion. Other motorists assisted him and were able to find someone with a cooler of ice and so the doctor was able to treat me by icing me down. The doctor told me that I was on the verge of heat stroke which was an emergency situation.Light on AC dial lights up under R.

Diagram shows 2 accessories, but only 1 ignition. I'm assuming this car has a 2nd. Which kind of leads me to my question. I noticed there is a What does this change? Just wanted to get your thoughts as it might save me some time today.

ETA: I just took it apart and looked at everything. There are 2 accessory wires hooked up, as well as 2 ignition's. Matches guide wire for wire. So what else is missing here? Visit wirecolor.

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Quick Vehicle Finder. Find the right solution for your vehicle Make.The guys at the shop are bummed out and clueless to what it could be. Anyone have suggestions? GuruV1TVS answered about a year ago.

I just replaced the same parts on my friend's Still not cooling right. It looks like there is a problem on the high pressure line that feeds the evaporator in the dash, and not providing the restriction needed to drop the low side pressure to about 40 PSI. I will check this soon and hope that's it. GuruHT4KF answered about a year ago. GuruPJ answered 10 months ago. Same issue here and there is aTech told me maybe compressor control valve Or expansion valve. Guru1KNBP answered 9 months ago.

The most common problem with this particular compressor is usually not a failure of the compressor itself. Instead it may be due to a faulty control valve. Along with cooling loss, common symptoms include air from the vent that is merely fresh or even somewhat warm.

Suction pressures will be above normal, anywhere from psi, while the discharge pressure will remain somewhat normal or below normal. Guru1RK2D answered 9 months ago. Change out the compressor control valve it completely fixed issue with my nissan altima. Bought the part on Ebay. Menna answered 9 months ago.

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Stephanie answered 8 months ago. I'm having the same problem on my Nissan Altima. I was so furious.

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It hasn't been a year. I don't want to deal with another hot summer. GuruFVZY1 answered 2 months ago. If you've lived long enough you'll realize that mechanics in dealerships are only good for replacing parts.

They even have the nerve to tell you that it's fixed and working correctly even though you know better. Better to develop a relationship with an independent mechanic. The alternative in this case is going to an automotive AC business that works on this stuff all the time.

They are NOT cheap. Guru3C3DK answered about a week ago. That's not correct. We're good for fixing all the crap you tear up because of ignorance. I followed the recommendation of changing the compressor control vale and that was the fix!

I know this is an old thread but I had to add my experience to hopefully help someone else. Thanks to all who suggested changing that!! My ac won't start right away.

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