Yamaha modx patches

It paired dual synth engines — sample-playback and FM — with scads of real-time performance control and deep modulation possibilities. In lieu of the onboard multi-track sequencer keyboard players use little if at all anymore, the MONTAGE gave us amenities such as a snappy color touchscreen and LED-encircled rotary encoders. The mother of all those encoders, the Super Knob, is a macro that can control a great many settings at a time.

I reviewed the middle size of the line, the MODX7, which features 76 semi-weighted, synth-action keys. For the uninitiated, that means that keys are weighted more heavily towards the bass range and lighter towards the treble, making for a more piano-like playing experience. The marketing team was trying to think of a name that was consistent with the extensive MO line of past MOTIF-lite keyboards, and Nate Tschetter, product marketing manager extraordinaire at Yamaha Synthesizers in the U.

FM-X is a highly sophisticated form of FM synthesis. It features eight operators waveform generators and algorithms in which those operators can be arranged in various modulator-carrier relationships. This is an umbrella term for the fact that anything in the synth can modulate or be modulated by anything else — under control of how the Super Knob, other physical controllers, and the aforementioned Motion Sequences.

Of course, it can all sync to tempo. How many things can modulate how many other things at the same time, and how flexible are the relationships between single sources and multiple destinations and vice-versa? Up to eight parts in a Performance can take advantage of Motion Control. Performances of up to four parts enjoy Seamless Sound Switching, in which previously sustained notes along with their effects are not cut off when you change Performances.

Being in multi-timbral mode all the time is not as complicated as you might initially think. Simpler performances might have just one part. More importantly, Performances dedicated nominally to one type of sound might use multiple parts to nail the realism. You get four each of sliders and endless rotary encoders instead of eight, and they lack the LED position indicators of their big sister. The encoders control five rows worth of settings in total, selectable by adjacent buttons and giving you real-time command of grab-worthy parameters like common filter cutoff and resonance, envelope attack and release, reverb return, EQ, an assignable row, and more.

In terms of the sound engines themselves, the MODX gives up very little. This makes the touchscreen itself the primary means of selecting things.

On the upside, the screen is bright, crisp, and responsive. The downside? The MODX6, 7, and 8 brush the scales at I could even hook a couple of fingers into the recesses under the end cheeks of my MODX7 review unit and lift it off the ground without much effort.

Any workhorse also needs a bevy of inspiring vintage keys sounds, and the MODX has them for days. On several organ Performances, the Super Knob is tasked to morph multiple drawbars at once. Among the most impressive Performances are those that use the Super Knob to balance two section types, e. One on hand, you have your slowly evolving soundscapes that evoke Eno or Boards of Canada. On the other, raucous electronica jams use the Scene buttons to choose between arrangements with different densities, the Super Knob creates whooshes and drops, and Motion Sequences make the whole thing more interesting still.

Is it hyperbole to say that with some tweaking and planning, you could perform a set of house, trance, or techno that would please the ears of more discerning electronica fans? Only a little. That observation leads to another. Since the original MOTIF debuted inYamaha has focused on making bite-sized musical phrases useful and interactive in the context of a synth.

Even the first MOTIF could be compared to a needle-drop loop library, only with much more control over how the loops behave. Quality and articulation of guitars, basses, drums, and pitched percussion deserves a nod as much as on any recent Yamaha synth. Acoustic guitars in particular are the most realistic in the hardware keyboard landscape, period.

Visual studio listview example

Given what many gigs pay these days, less setup time is always a bonus. Which brings us to the fact that the MODX is also an audio interface. The USB return gets its own volume knob.Moderators: DerekparametricSaul. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Search New posts Logout Register. Review Yamahamusicians. What this also means is that your User data is not touched, as the library spaces are separate to your user bank, although of course if you have loaded so much Wave data into FLASH that the X7L won't load then you will need to do some housekeeping of the data to make the space.

Your procedure worked perfectly. Thanks for laying it out so clearly. Good studio monitors would likely make the differences more easily discerned. Both of the actual pianos that were sampled are fantastic pianos, and I too love Bosendorfers. The main differences I hear on the sampled sounds are a little more fullness in the lower registers for the Bosendorfer, and it seems like the mid and upper ranges of the Bosendorfer might have a slightly more "pure" sound.

By pure I mean slightly less prominent harmonics. But, again, through PA speakers the differences are subtle. I may run the keyboard through my studio monitors to see if the differences are any more pronounced. But for live performance I would say both pianos will do just fine!

Especially since you can choose between full concert sounds, brighter pop piano sounds, mellower ballad piano sounds, padded pianos, etc. Have just been comparing the two myself.

MX Best of MOTIF Bank 2 (BOMB 2)

However to hear the CFX properly you need to choose 'single" from the attributes otherwise choosing the one from the initial start screen has it layered with FM EP2 and that muddies the waters somewhat.

The CFX is a very sweet sounding piano but out of the box as it were is sounds a little too bright for me. I prefer that woody slightly earthier sound of the Bosendorfer.

yamaha modx patches

Of course it depends what you are playing and each piano has its strengths when used in a mix or in different genres of music. Its so great to have access to so many high quality acoustic pianos in one box.

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I still use them both but for different songs. The Bosendorfer sounds better for me due to the described fullness for standalone playing. The CFX cuts better through the mix in some cases when the full band is playing. Nice, but not so nice that I would invest the sample memory to have them in addition to the others I already have. Subject to personal taste, of course The only concern I have is the VR09 has one of the better organ sounds outside of the Nords Hammonds and Kronos, but while I did like the sounds of the modx organ I really found the leslie cheesy at least in videos, and again, being a gigging musician who likes his back and has no roadie, I want it all in one keyboard, has anyone use the minivent with yamaha keyboards.Moderators: DerekparametricSaul.

Search Advanced search. Quick links. Search New posts Logout Register. I would be doubtful though, all of the big players seem to have moved away from racks?

yamaha modx patches

Yamaha are missing quite a substantial market by not bringing out rack versions of synths like Montage. Review Yamahamusicians. As a realist, Korg has not shown an interest in any further rack module. Even with numerous requests, it has not happened. I see the XS Rack was introduced October [? At leastYamaha has followed that lineage.

While Korg has not. Or is it more likely that we shouldn't hold our breath? Obviously, it would have to be cheaper than the MODX 6. I am favor of it, but interested in raising the right questions to evaluate to potential of this getting done.

yamaha modx patches

The only real answer is if you want a specific synth in that form factor, but I can only surmise the potential market is no longer big enough to get a return on investment. Not the news the OP wants to here, but it is the same as me bemoaning the fact that Line6 no longer do left handed variaxes. I want one even happy to pay a modest premium over a right hookerbut it seems I am in the minority I've filled my available rack space anyway!

Irrespective, welcome to Yamaha Forums.

Soundmondo for MODX

The Kronos remains a fantastic board, indeed I was going through some patches the other day and reminded myself that I need to do more with those ones. Love both of them! Similar Topics. Montage 6 or MODX 7? Modx Connect app not seeing montage?Go to page Joined: Jan KC Island.

Joined: Dec I've done a couple shows now and i have to say - i'm loving my MODX7. I just did a big show with a fly-in band last weekend in Texas - alot of positive feedback from the band and sound crew on how great it sounds. The baiting I do is purely for entertainment value. Please feel free to ignore it. Northeastern MN, U. Mighty Motif Max. Originally Posted By: mcpepe.

Originally Posted By: KeyMoe. Originally Posted By: MotiDave.

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Joined: Mar David Holloway. A shameful admission from me: one of a few reasons I went with the MODX7 was the last three digits in its name. The Keyboard Chronicles Podcast My music. Joined: Jul Joined: Aug Joined: Oct Redondo Beach, CA. So this is sort of weird The Fantom, Nord, and Krome don't have this discrepancy, their levels seem consistent relative to eachother, both live and in the studio.

Joined: Feb Soundmondo for MODX. In the screen below, I have searched using the tags. If you know the name of a Performance or the author you can use the Search box in the upper right hand.

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Some other Performances to check out:. Scrolling down the page you will find a few other important items. It is great to include a short audio example or video to accompany your Performance.

Lastly, you can set your Performance to Public to share with the community or Private if you want to keep it to yourself:. Want to check out my Performance? Go here! At the bottom of the page there are 4 menu items:.

At the bottom of the screen are three icons. The book icon is the set list. You can create set lists to quickly organize Performances for things like live gigs:. There are a few ways to refine your search in the Soundmondo app. You can search by attribute by typing in the search field or search by tagged description:.

Once you start browsing you may find users that you particularly like. For example, typing in "Bad Mister" will find all of his Performances:. Check it out and join the worldwide Soundmondo and Yamahasynth community! Synthbits: First Patch on CS Moessieurs Mondays: FM Basics.

All rights reserved.AWM2 Advanced Wave Memory 2 sample and synthesis engine for stunning emulative acoustic instruments, synth sounds and drums. FM-X Frequency Modulation a unique, expressive, highly-programmable synthesis technology for dynamic, electro-modern music creation. Motion Control puts rhythmic and dynamic control at your fingertips for a unique, personalized sound.

For the piano player needing a piano-focused instrument with a huge variety of sound, MODX is a synthesizer with an note, weighted keyboard action. MODX has over years of Yamaha piano-making craftsmanship coupled with over 40 years of creating industry-leading synthesizers. For the keyboardist needing a wide range of expressive keyboard sounds, MODX is a synthesizer with ultra-realistic instrument and highly programmable synth sound. MODX works in any music performance or music creation situation.

MODX features deep programmability, controllability and a huge amount of polyphony. The premium soft case for MODX is protective, lightweight and stylish. The MODX soft case is manufactured with top-notch nylon, high-quality zippers, pockets for pedals and cables and a luxurious inside that will keep your MODX protected and looking great for years to come. Music Production Toggle navigation. Macro dynamic control. Designed for music-makers on the go, MODX is compact, lightweight and mobile.

Product Information. The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Special Content.Yamaha has introduced Montage 3. The updates include alternate tunings, a new track sequencer, new virtual analog synthesis capabilities, a wave folder, new performances, enhanced USB capabilities and more.

Yamaha has also introduced a new style variant for the Montage, the Montage White. To introduce the new synth model, they released this retro-futuristic-tacular video, celebrating the Yamaha Synth Storywith a little inspiration from Cats on Synthesizers In Space :.

MODX OS Updater V2.00

See the Yamaha Synth site for more info. Pattern Sequencer being implemented?!?! Might not have to buy an external hardware sequencer after all. The MODX6 has only been saved such a fate due to its FMx engine and its overall synthesis capabilities cause I always had to get the ball rolling using Live to drive the thing. Soon, I should be able to drive the thing by itself without the computer being turned on.

Love love love love love love. And the rest of v. Are there other companies that deserve to be on the same list? Waldorf is adding plenty to the Quantum post release. Not exactly part of their track record but you can tell they have a big commitment to making the Quantum sound designers dream. I always regret not getting an EX7 or those grooveboxes you mentioned. I would be totally thrilled to see the grooveboxes again revamped for this day and age.

Once again, a million thanks Yamaha. It adds up to about a key and a half difference. Gosh this is like a new synth. The sequencer is so easy. The Yamaha website does a great job of explaining the update. Skip to content. Yamaha is really caring about what the customers are waiting from them! Love love love love love love Yamaha, you really DO give a shit about what people want. Amazing updates, and for free!

These are some great features. I may finally let my Motif XF go for the Montage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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